About Us

Hakata Bus Terminal Co., Ltd.


〒812-0012 Hakataeki Chuogai, Hakata Ward, Fukuoka City2 -1

Capital Stock

400,000,000 yen

Managing Director

Yusuke Miyano

Main Business Activities

・Bus terminal operation
・Room leasing
・Advertising and publicity


Hakata Bus Terminal users: average of approx. 70,000/day

Bus Arrivals and Departures

3,500 buses/day

Company History

March 1963

Company established

August 1965

Bus terminal opens for business and enters service

August 1997

Terminal expansion construction begins

September 1998

Renovation of Bus Chika shopping concourse on B1F

October 1998

3F bus terminal addition enters service

February 1999

Renovated 2F bus terminal enters service

March 1998

Renovated 1F bus terminal enters service

May 1998

Building opened for business

November 2009

Building renamed

February 2010

Renovation of Hakata Bus Terminal

March 2015

Renovation of Bus Chika on B1F

April 2015

Company renamed from Fukuoka Kotsu Center